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Welcome WebWatchers!

Congratulations on being selected as a participant for the 2002 WebWatchers Summer Workshops! You have been selected from a national pool of over 400 applicants and after a rigorous and systematic examination of your submitted application and qualifications. We look forward to applying your expertise and experience as we embark on the third year of this NSF funded grant program. We also plan to have some fun as we spark the creative juices both before, during and after the face-to-face workshop this summer.

Please use the navigation links above to jump to specific areas of interest within this preworkshop web site. We hope the information provided herein will answers some of the most frequently asked questions that you might have before the workshop, and also help to prepare you for the exciting collaboration for which you are to begin.

We also understand that this information may generate additional questions, so please do not hesitate to contact any of the project managers or group leaders available within the Contact Info section of this web site.


Workshop Goals:

The overarching goal of the WebWatchers project is to train teachers in finding and evaluating appropriate Internet resources for the classroom as placed within the structure of a online thematic WebWatchers Web Guide. The web guide content and rubric evaluated Internet-based resources align not only the National Science Education Standards, but also to specific attributes that of the Internet, such as interactivity, multimedia, accessibility, and overall design.

This summer you will be reviewing the web guides created previously and identify potential gaps in the guide's content and in the types of Internet resources used to support a particular web guide. Based on this analysis, you will then work with your team members and group leader to edit a guide's thematic content, search for, evaluate, and input additional types of Internet resources for the guide you are assigned to. A brief overview of the structure of the guide is also currently available for you to review under Preworkshop Preparation.

You will also help us in creating the content and structure of an online teacher's guide that will aid other teachers in using the guides in their own classroom. But don't worry, we'll have an initial teacher guide template for you to discuss within your team as you think of creative examples and classroom scenarios or vignettes on how the web guides may be used with students in the classroom.

At the workshops participants will be divided into the groups based on the guides they will be working on.

For the K-6 Workshop the groups are:

  1. Earth &Sky
  2. Heredity
  3. Materials and Matter
  4. Organisms

For the 7-12 Workshop the groups are:

  1. Atomic Structure
  2. Energy Impact
  3. Heredity
  4. Earth Structures

Participants will be in the group that they selected during the application process. Each group will have a group leader, a teacher who participant in last year’s workshop. Your group leader has been helping NSTA plan your two week agenda for months and is excited about facilitating your group in reaching its design and production goals.



Your group leader will contact you soon via email using a private edgateway discussion tool we have established for each group- compliments of the Art Sussmam, Michelle Kirk, and Edgateway. We've also created a brief online Overview of Edgateway with screen snap shots to get you jump started!

Each of you will also be subscribed to a general NSTA Workshop listserv of containing all K-6 or 7-12 workshop participants respectively. This should make general announcements and communications with NSTA staff and your colleagues easier for either the K-6 or 7-12 summer session. The general NSTA listserv address is not currently available, but we will forward it to you shortly before the workshop.

After completing the workshop communications will be handled via these listservs for both general announcements and for continued revision/editing of the web guides and teacher guides you helped create during the summer. We will also communicate via this web site as well.


Next Steps:

We've been working hard on creating a dynamic, informative, and FUN agenda that will empower both you and your Group Leaders toward our workshop goals. We realize that the task is large, but one that is extremely worthwhile. Toward this endeavor, we feel some advance preparation prior to attending the workshop will be of great benefit and help alleviate any potential preworkshop jitters. So be sure to check out the Preworkshop Preparation section of this web, and rest assured, together we can help future educators across the nation rigorously evaluate and assemble Internet resources that help students learn!


Contact Information

Workshop Agenda Preworkshop Preparation
Travel & Lodging Info Sightseeing & social events College Credit Opportunity