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This page is designed to help Webwatchers in the generation of content for the teacher guide and provivde specific aids, general reports, and funding resources on integrating the Internet (and technology) into the classroom.

You may also want to check out the General Resources web page for a comprehensive listing of educational resource portals, web quests resources, search tools, interactive web site examples, science clip art respositories, and national standards links (just to name a few).


Evaluation/Assessment Repositories and Creation Tools

  1. Office of Teaching and Learning Advancement (webquest generator available)

General Web Site Evaluation

    1. Evaluating Web sites -Cornell University
    2. How to IT-A Guide to Instructional Technology: Rubric Tools and Guidelines

Technology Evaluation Documents/Self-Assessment Aids

  1. Software Evaluation Rubrics (PDF document)

  2. Technology Integration Observation Scales. Once teacher is familiar with the ACOT levels one may self diagnose his/her use of technology using these metrics (PDF docoument).

    taken from "Principal Connections" CD-ROM developed by AEL.

  3. Rubric for Evaluating your Knowledge and Use of the Internet. Publication by SIRC-TEC and the University of Central Florida (PDF document).




Technology Integration Online Repositories

The list of resources below provide both big picture components and specific examples for individual teachers looking to evaluate their own practice. Large reports could be cited for persons seeking grant opportunities.

  1. Concept to Classroom
    -A Series of Online Workshops. A Disney Learning Partnership Web Site from 13 Ed Online. Site is one of ENC's digital dozen and the 2001 Technology & Learning Award of Excellence. Be sure to check out: What Can the Internet do for My Classroom, How can I best use the Internet in my classroom and
    What are the Benefits of the Internet in the Classroom. Digital Video and Transcriptions from leading technology integrators are available.

  2. Great Teaching in the One Computer Classroom
    Book published by Tom Snyder Productions for $19.95. Book provides plethora of examples on how to effectively integrate the Internet into the classroom.

  3. Integrating the Internet into the Classroom
    SIRC-TEC sponsored publication from the Universtiy of Central Florida. Provides an abundance of URL resources and examples for classroom integration for both teacher and students (PDF document).

  4. Internet Use Ideas -from Appalachia Educational Laboratories (PDF document)

  5. Classrooms@Work-Tools at Hand
    This site provides detailed vignetttes concerning implementation of thematica-based team/collaborative school projects and details how technology was integrated into the curriculum projects. Be sure to check out The Science Classroom and Using Workspaces for the "It's a Wild Ride" project. Thanks Ruth for finding this resource!

  6. Apple Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT) Research Reports
    Implementing technology effectively into the classroom. Teacher practices and longitudinal study documented. ACOT levels of integration described (PDF document from the Principal Connections CD-ROM by AEL)

  7. The Knowledge Loom
    What works in teaching and learning, entire section on the integration of technology in the K-12 classroom and what support mechanisms/components are necessary. Explore the "Technology Leadership" section of the loom for an in-depth review of the research regarding the systemic components necessary for effectively integrating technology in the k-12 classroom.

  8. The Educational Technology Journal
    Educational Technology for Engaged Learning. The Jamie McKenzie web site that has also published several book on technology in education, with one of the most informative for our purposes being: How Teachers Learn Technology Best. To jump right to the technology journal article list see Technology Planning.

  9. CEO Forum on Educational Technology
    Year 3 Report-The Power of Digital Learning: Integrating Digital Content. Report offers vision for digital learning, focusing on actions that schools, teachers, students and parents need to take to integrate digital content into the curriculum. (PDF document).

  10. Web-based Commission on Education report
    The Power of the Internet for Learning: Moving from Promise to Practice. In depth report covering the gamut on the value on integrating the web into educational practice. Justificaiton and case studies on web integration are provided for K-12 community (PDF document).

  11. Factors Affecting the Integration of Technology
    SIRC-TEC report draw from in-depth case studies of schools within SIRC-TEC. Report enumerates systemic factors that schools must address for effective use of technology. Report mirrors to some degree findings of ACOT research and Knowledge Loom research, and CEO Forum report.

  12. Teachers’ Tools for the 21st Century (NCES)
    National Center for Education Statistics Report on 1999 Survey results regarding the use and pervasiveness of the Internet in the classroom.

  13. The Special Species Project-Internet Help Desk for Teachers and Students
    Site that provides links to useful tutorials and tips for beginning Internet users regarding using email, shareware programs, keeping students safe online, filtering software, understanding cookies, avoiding viruses, and downloading/uploading via FTP. (Thanks to Anne Wolff for providing this link).




Instructional Design Documents

  • Instructional Design Guidelines (word/PDF)
  • Expert Review-Formative Evaluation Notes (word/PDF)
  • One-to-one Review-Formative Evaluation Notes(word/PDF)
  • Small Group Review-Formative Evaluation Notes (word/PDF)




Team Management Documents

Web Manipulation (skills-acquisition) Documents/URLs

Dealing with Frames-finding URL within a page (word/PDF)

Meta Search Engines-Overview with list of URLs (PDF)

MetaSearch engines
Description overview and rated list of search engines.

Search Engines/MetaSearches
Extensive list of search engines, meta-serach engines, directories, subject specific portals

The ITMA Studio
The Instructional Technology Development Studio at Virginia Tech. This Page provides one of the single most condensed resources on a plethora of web development tutorials, FAQ pages and more.

Beginners Guide to HTML
A great into primer explaining HTML for those wanting to learn!

HTML Style Manual
For those more serious about HTML layout, taking into account form versus function, this Yale Web Style Guide is considered one of the primers on good web design layout. Descriptions of the differences between GIF and JPGE and when to use each type of image are also explained.



Grant Writing/Funding Sources

How to Write Winning Grant Proposals-publication by SouthEast Initiatives Regional Technology in Education Consortium (SIRC*TEC)

US Department of Education-Office of Educational Technology
Technology Grant Programs current being sponsored by US DOE

The School Technology Funding Center
E-School News Online-Your daily source for up-to-the-minute grant programs, funding sources, and technology funding information.

The Foundation Center
One stop shop for locating foundations across the US that provide funding/grant opportunities.

A US national database of more than 70,000 non-profit orgaizations

Note: funding URLs found from Principal Connections CD-ROM by AEL and SIRC-TEC