Context Tutorial

It will be the purpose of this brief tutorial to help you identify different types of instructional contexts and evaluate online instructional resources against these context types, such that you might be able to better facilitate student learning. 

Instructional Context: What's the Big Deal Anyway?

You may have heard the saying, "Context is King" or "It's all about the Context", but what exactly does this really mean, and quite simply, what's all the fuss about. Who cares? Is there some value in one context being supported over another?

More than likely.

We all probably have some idea of what educational context means to us, but if asked to define what it is or its impact on learning, how many life lines would you burn before Regis asks "Is that your final answer"? Think about it, have you ever evaluated instructional materials from a "contextual" perspective prior to using them in the classroom? Well if you haven't my friend, your boat is facing upstream without a paddle in sight! I know what your saying now, "ok, enough already; how what is context and how is it applied to learning." I see that look on your face; you're still the skeptic and it's up to me to convince you otherwise. Well, I'll take that Pepsi challenge! 

Ok, ok, want more specific goals for this tutorial? Well, after progressing through this tutorial  you should be able to "do" the following:

Identify the TYPE of context(s) defined and supported by a software program or educational website.

Identify and describe the FUNCTION(s) that the context serves within the learning experience.

Critique the overall manner in which a particular context type(s) serves its purpose (function).

Identify and describe specific motivational strategies incorporated into the context.

Alright, let's see what all the context fuss is about!

- Begin Tutorial -

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