Dear Al Byers, David Halpin and Todd Smith:

Congratulations! Your project, "Search for Origins," has been nominated by the Instructional Technology Faculty at Virginia Tech to be included in "The Best Instructional Technology Graduate Student Multimedia Archive". Only the best student work is selected for this recognition. This is a multi-university archive, currently involving the University of Georgia, the University of Minnesota, Texas A&M University, The University of Houston, and Virginia Tech.

You are to be commended for developing such quality educational multimedia. Having your project selected for this archive is indeed an honor that recognizes your outstanding work. Even more important, by having your project archived and accessible on the Internet, it will have the potential to make a difference in the education of people worldwide. The goal of having people learn and grow as a result of one's work is a defining characteristic of an Instructional Technologist.

Lloyd P. Rieber, Ph.D.
Department of Instructional Technology
The University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia (USA)

The project may be viewed in the WWILD archive database at: Select the link titled "The Learning Modules" in the left hand navigation window to search the entire database, or go directly to the archived site at:

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